Land(E)scape BY William Frielingsdorf

Nature is the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the LANDSCAPE, and other features and products of the earth. The theme of nature and the landscapes captured by painters and artists is what is shown in this gallery. These pieces of art are ones that make you want escape your cubicle or indoor environment and enjoy the beauty of the earth.

This is a painting of an Adirondack lake setting. The theme of nature is clearly depicted in this landscape as you can in the see a lake, trees, an open valley and a mountain.
This landscape portrait shows a field with a man made windmill/watermill. It looks to be a farm setting and the theme of nature is shown in the open field with nothing but grass a stream and cows.
This landscape portrait shows what looks to be a view down a brook in the woods. The theme of nature is shown in the color of green and the background including the mountains sky and clouds.
This is a winter landscape portrait that has nature but is more man made. The nature shown includes a frozen lake, snow covering the ground and trees that do not have any leaves.
This is a portrait of New Amstel at night. The theme of nature in this portrait again includes the silhouettes trees, clouds a moonlit setting and a stream or river of some sort.
This landscape portrait is of Trenčín which is a castle up on a hill over looking plains and a village. Nature is depicted in this portrait with the stream, trees and mountains which the castle is on.
This landscape is of a fisherman and his surroundings. Again nature is depicted with a stream colors of green on the trees and clouds hovering over head of the fisherman.
Portrait of this landscape shows a castle over looking a river that includes a figures doing different activities. Nature in this demonstrates the use of trees, a land formation and a river.
This landscape is of what looks to be a river valley and it shows a storm approaching in the distance. Nature in this would include the storm, trees and the river also including the valley formation.
Finally this a landscape that includes many of the same things, a valley/river setting, trees and fisherman. Nature is depicted with the distinct trees a river and the mountain backdrop.
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