color in Art

I chose this painting because the colors give a peaceful feeling. The artist used a blend of warm and cool to give a peaceful vibe.
This painting uses bright colors on the clothing, so that it stands out in the painting. The colors and the clothing lets the audience know that the subject was wealthy.
The color in this art piece brings it to life. The colors contrast each other and make certain parts of the artwork stand out.
The artist used color to make the audience pay attention to one spot. This is done by making the background black.
This painting mostly uses cool color to give a relaxed feeling.
This painting uses color to make the woman stand out more. The woman's white dress could possibly represent innocence and purity.
This piece uses color to draw the audiences attention to the soup can.
The color green could represent jealousy and the red could mean passion. The painting overall could represent the dance of jealousy.
The artist uses color to enhance the tone of the paining.
The color in the artwork is used to emphasize the explosion. It also grabs the audiences attention.
The blue turban is used to grab the audience's attention.
The color in this painting lets the audience know that the subject of the painting was a very wealthy person.
The red dot in the center is there to grab the audiences attention.
The artist uses a variety of warm colors to make this painting actually feel warm.
The use of cool colors in this painting make certain spots of this painting stand out more than rest.
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