Painting Project

Various paintings by artists who have utilized the techniques discussed within the Prezi presentation.

This painting by Juan Gris depicts Pablo Picasso, one of the world's most highly acclaimed painters. Picasso obviously inspired this picture and highly influenced much of Gris's work throughout his career. He uses the medium of paint in this oil on canvas, and uses muted tones to convey the subtlety of the picture. His use of shapes and focus gives the viewer a pleasant portrayal of an artist who has remained a mystery throughout histroy.
The Treasure Room Fresco is a unique example of the technique known as Fresco painting. The artist uses a vibrant array of colors and a contrast between the aqua backdrop of the sky to make the darkly colored figures within the picture pop out at the beholder. A creative perspective, when one looks up at the ceiling, they are able to see figures of the aristocracy during the 16th century staring back at them. We are able to appreciate, through the various items within the fresco and the observers leaning over the balcony, their love for art, music, poetry/writing, and other forms of expression. 
Modigliani is another artist who was deeply inspired by Pablo Picasso. His work shows a somewhat laid-back friend of his (Guillaume) enjoying a cigarette in the evening. Painted using the technique of oil on cardboard, this is another example of the wonders that the medium of paint has wrought.  
In concurrence with Claude Monet's work, Renoir's vibrant landscapes give us a brief glimpse into a day in the life of an impressionist in Paris. Utilizing light in a way to depict both time and motion, the artist masterfully crafts this scene using oil on canvas.
Macbeth Witch #1 is a captivating example of encaustic and oil on canvas using warm natural colors. The woman's smile has an almost Mona Lisa-esque quality to it, causing the viewer to question the story behind this modern work of art.
This form of painting, coined "Impressionism" by Claude Monet's critics, gives us a glimpse into a secluded alcove comprised of earthy-toned colors by the sea. In this oil on canvas, we see that the motion of the waves frames and flows towards two solitary figures upon the seashore. The broad brushstrokes utilized by Monet gives the impression (no pun intended) that the ocean is alive and moving.
Bellini's St. Francis in the Desert is an excellent example of the technique of tempera painting during the late 15th century. The religious implications of this painting are interspersed throughout throughout the picture, and one cannot help but wonder at the symbolically rich meanings behind the various objects housed therein. The life within the painting is evidenced through nature, and through the lone saintly figure who is the focal point of the painting.
Grandcamp, Evening shows a typical Seurat painting which employs style of Impressionism called Pointillism. The muted colors and subtle focus on closer objects (the stairs and wall) makes the horizon line within the painting appear quite distant. 
Irish painter Jack Yeats depicts the despondent funeral scene through the technique of oil on fabric. This painting also uses earth toned colors to convey the sense of solemnity and sobriety one is expected to assume during a funeral march. The focal point is highlighted with the use of color, both the casket (somewhat yellow in tone) and the woman in red appear to be the central figures within the painting. 
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