Elements of art and design

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There are lines in the mountains because of how the artist did his paint streaks and it shows how for each color he made a line. To make the mountain he used lines also like at the top, the mountain top was made with lines.
This painting has different types of shapes like the circles, squares, and cylinders. The shapes in the painting are book and fireworks. These simple shapes make the items look realistic.
This artwork has good value in how his face they went more lighter because of his skin town but when it came to his suit you kind of see it has a lighter value scale it kind of makes me think he had like a grey suit on so they had to make it look more lighter. The hair has a different value in two areas like on the side its more darker and on the top its light. The tie makes the suit pop out because its dark and the suit and shirt are light.
This painting has texture because you kind of feel like you are actually touching the lamp and the way it pops out at you. It has more of a rough kind of feel because of the way its drawn like the bottom it has the small crooks but at the same time it seems smooth because it looks like as if the lamp was made out of yarn, because it has many lines and the texture the artist gave it.
There is lot of color in this painting, the yellow shows us the light there is in the roads and the rest of the colors make the buildings seem brighter. The bright colors the artist used make the picture seem more happy and vibrant. It makes you feel like your in the city seeing all this movement.
The space shown in this picture shows us how the land separates the flower and paper from the clock. It makes us believe that the clock is getting small because the paper and flower are so up-close but in reality the paper and flower would be smaller than the clock.
This painting has form because its a symbol but the artist has but small pictures (photomosaic) and color to make-up the symbol. The symbol looks 3-D because of the way the color has been added to it.
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