The New Beginning

I was born in Monterrey, Mexico and was raised there until moving to America in 2001. My transition from Mexico to America has made me realize the biggest difference in both cultures is the overall idea of death. I have noticed that most of my friends and family in America tend to have a fear for growing old and eventually dying. My family in Mexico does not fear death; death is actually celebrated in my culture and there is a holiday known as Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) that I recently celebrated on November 1st and 2nd with my family to honor our loved ones that have passed away. In Mexico, this is a national holiday to pray for and remember friends and family that are no longer with us by celebrating the things that they loved so much. I created "The New Beginning" gallery to hopefully change the view that some may have for death. I believe death should not be something that we fear, because it is only natural and therefore should be expected. Personally, the idea of death only makes me more thankful everyday that I am fortunate to live another day. Spending eternity in happiness surrounded by my friends and family is not something to fear, instead, it something that I look forward to happening when the time is right. I ordered the works in such a way that it almost tells a story through the transition of what death beholds. I ordered the works in such a way that it almost tells a story through the transition of what death beholds.

calaveras de azucar- sugar skulls without fear
Do not fight death or let it limit your actions in life on earth.
Live your life to your desires- fearing no consequences
To become deceased is only natural and it should not be feared.
Though tears may be shed, time will heal the soul through realization of the wonderful afterlife, awaiting us all to reunite in eternal happiness.
The funeral should be a respectful period of mourning, followed by celebration through the knowledge of the eternal life that awaits your loved ones.
Life would not be as beautiful from day to day without one's natural expiration date determined by fate.
Death: The New Beginning
Death is a "beautiful" thing that comes naturally.
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