Mansour Alokam


This vessel has pattern on its handle and the bottom of it. There are seven straight lines going down diagonally from left to right then seven lines going down diagonally from right to left.
This vase has a lot of space in the background of the drawing of the horses and carriage. The space surrounds the horse and men in the drawing.
There is harmony in the art work, with the plain open background and the ladies fading through. There are similar colors of beige and brown.
There is a pattern within the vase with the same square pattern making the same lines of black and white. within the squares a white line in going down from right to left in a stair step way and black
This vase contains a good contrast in color. There is a very vivid orange color in the background and a pure black man wrestling a dragon with white highlights and outlines.
This vase good emphasis. It emphasises a large flower in the lower middle of the vase. I uses a bright warm orange color surrounded by dull cool colors of blue, green, black, and white.
This bowl show a very bold texture of a great 18th century ship. It has a lot of deep curves that indicate a very bumpy surface, and small Intermittent bumps within the wrinkles and lines with hard drops.
Within the vase there is proportion in the images of the people drawn in on the vase. They have proportions of a human being where the parts of their bodies are proportionally correct to one another.
This art has good rhythm with a combination of movement and harmony in the lines and colors in the half mooned-shape. It has a certain flow moving through the art piece.
This piece of art has a perfect symmetrical balance where one half look exactly a like to the other with the matching eyes, lines, and earlike handles.
This Jug a very good example of value. The dark shadows on the left side of its surface and an exposure to a bright glowy shine on the right side gives it a great value
This vessel has lines all over it. There're grid like lines going around and through its ring-shape and strips going around the handle and mouth of the donut like vessel
This vase is a very good example of form. Although its a vase it still has the form of a bird, maybe a picac
This spindle has the shape of a long spear like stick through an ovalish ball. The stick is standing straight without any interference that tells us it has a flat surface below
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