Mimi Visestamkul

This picture is very colorful. And I see booms everywhere, I found it very interesting. I like how they include the ship and big gun and how the boom hit the water and it splash.
This picture shows how disables were being cared of. It's a hand of a disable, but the radialis splint was developed by a famous professor, and it helped him able to hold things again.
"Our Emperor amounts the family" is a picture of the royal family in 1914. You can see the emperor and his heir. I like this picture because it's a family portrait and it's very nice.
This picture this picture is an announcement that Vienna city was introduce to daylight saving. I like it because it shows how they became more modern while the war is still ongoing.
I like this image because it's colorful, also I see sailors and a ship. And there are booms everywhere. This picture is similar to the second picture, except that they are from different view and different time period. There is also splash of water like in the second picture.
I found this picture interesting because battles can destroy the whole town. It's devastating and ruthless. I can see how terrifying the war was by looking at this picture.
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