The second world war and it's art by Emmanuel Dominguez 

This Gallery will show important and historical images during the war. Just with attacks and the illustration of war in the images we will gather a journey of the tragic events of what may be the center point of this gallery. 

This shows a lot of action and movement. A bright protrait showing its importance, with the message showing we need to help. That we need to stop the Naizis and the Japanesse from what they're doing.
With its dark coloring shows a lot of tragedy. Sadness just shows the town its in parallel. Shows a lot of fire smoke and the iconic cathedral from the distance that is not harmed or yet attacked.
Yet another black and white protrait showing tragedy of the attack of pearl harbor. Just the ships are align for battle or just prepared to be attacked by the Japanese with the illustration of battle.
Same theme as the others, with the Americans just witnessing the attack on their own ships. They're stunned of what they witnessed. Ready to retaliate and prepair to attack the Japanesse planes.
Same as the others, with the town fallen town in a middle of a battle field just see the people looking whats left of their home or their city just shows lots of sorrow from what just happen to them.
In this protrait you see the results of the war and its casualties some really wounded and some in the verge of death just shows the tone by the coloring and illustrates the situation in the protrait.
In this illustration is prepairing for the invasion of France to liberate it from the Nazis. The soilders has the same coloring except for the general instructing the soilders what going to happen.
With the illustration you see the American's and allies evading in France trying to liberate the town to take control of the western part of Europe and start making a big impact on the war.
Just the results of the evasion not all is well but the Grand Palais is a museum that is burning that why its historic. With the black and white photos is the same as before just showing the tragedy.
The outcome of the war is protrayed on this protait. Basically those who survived seeing the mayham and devastation of the war. Just with the dark coloring just shows again like previous protraits
Credits: All media
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