This exhibition shows the vastness and owe that the forest has on artists and the world. This exhibition also displays the beautiful forest in different types of forms such as photographs, paintings and as a sculpture. The exhibition asks viewers to challenge and look closely at the forest, to look at every detail and paint stroke so that that can have a better understanding and engagement to the forest. There are three artworks that are made in China of the forest which show the finest detail, with each artwork drawn differently but still showing the utmost attention to detail. These artworks show the forests vast detail in every tree, leaf, animal and vine.      A painting by Katayama Bokuyo named Mori and paintings created by Emily Carr shows the mysterious and dark side that every forest has once night falls. Achieving this by using dark tones of green and brown to make the forest look gloomy and scary in contrast a painting by Franz Marc called deer in the forest using very colourful and soft colours such as green, purple, yellow, white and brown. Deer in the forest shows the warm and happy side of the forest with a family of deer’s together. The final two artworks show the destruction of the forest and how the happy, complex and mysterious forest can soon be gone.

This shows the Cultural frame
This artwork shows the structural frame
This artwork is evidence of Subjective frame
This artwork shows Post Modern frame
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