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Rich people Renaissians addition 

a. It tells you that she is very rich because of the red color on the dress and the gold along the front. Also how it is lined with jewels and many jewels just all about the dress. b. The background is blue, it think that might have to do something with her being the queen of Scots, maybe it means to be rich or being a kind or queen. c. That she is very rich and is known and liked through out the land. You can tell this again by her dress how much detail is in it and how much it might of costed. d. I think the name I would give her is Emma. Her job would to be the queen of Scots, because she would be in the higher or highest part of the social classes. I think that she is very serious about her job but can have some fun at some times. I think she cares about the well being of her community, and she likes to help.
a. It tells that she is very rich and you can tell that by the color red in her dress and that she has so many jewels everywhere on her dress, she has big diamond's on the shoulders with pearls and other jewels in different places of the dress. She is also holding something with a jewel on it that might be important to her family in some way. b. The background is black but there was two things right next to her on each side, on one I think is a flower and on the other there is a crown, I think these mean something to her and the people of England. c. I think that they want you to feel that they are important, in her case to England I think the evidence here is how expensive and her dress is and all the little details that were put in to the dress and the painting. d. I would say her name is Emily. She is in the highest part of the society, her job is being the queen of England. I think her personality is good maybe when all her work is done she has a good time and makes life for everyone else in England good instead of just making hers good. I think she likes to show off how rich and important she is through her clothing and I think that she cares about others and maybe a little bit about how she looks.
a. The clothing tells us that he is rich and important. You can see it through all the detail that was put into what he is wearing. You can see that he does have some kind of jewels on his outfit and he is wearing a jeweled necklace. Also with the little bits of red in his outfit it shows he is important. b. The background is blue, I think that having a blue back round in the time period of the renaissance means that you were rich or important to society, in his case England. c. I think they want us to feel that we should admire this person, I feel they portray this in what he is wearing and the fact that he is wearing a lot of jewels. d. I would say his name is Frank. He is in the highest part of the society, his job is being the king of England. I think that by looking at the painting his personality is, he likes to only get work done and is not really in to doing things that are fun, but I think because of this he cares a lot about his job and the people of England and he likes to make England better.
a. You can not see much of the clothing because it was an early Renaissance portrait but from what you can see it had some red in it with means importance and she is wearing a pearled necklace and in the necklace they are other jewels. You can also see by the head set she is wearing that it has many jewels and looks very detailed. b. Here I think the background is the land she owns or will own when she become queen. I think this is important because she wants everyone to know how powerful she is going to become when she is the queen. c. They want to viewer to know that she is very powerful and that because the land is s big. I think this because there is so much detail and time put into the land and making it look like there are many people in the towns. d. I think her name would be Eva. She would be in the same society as the kind and queen but just not as respected as they are. But her job would be the Duchess of where he is from. I think that she could be a very friendly person because if you look close you can see that it looks like she might smile or not. I think she likes when people know how powerful she will become and I think she cares about what others think and what other know about her.
a. This portrait was painted in the early renaissance painting era. The clothing you can see tells you that he is important, you can tell by the red he is wearing and his red hat. b. The background in this painting is land, I think that it is the land he will own once he becomes the king. But it is mostly water so I think that where he is there is great trade and he wants everyone to know that, because trade is a very important thing. c. I think they want the viewer to know that this person will be very important to the society and that they can connect with many different places because of the water and that they have good trade because of that. d. I would give him the name David and he is in the highest part of society but not as important as the king and queen. Also his job would be the Duke of where he if from. I think that he just likes to get work done and does not really like to do things other than work, and you can see that through his personality. I also think that he cares about the land he soon is going to own.
a. There is a lot of red in the dress that she is wearing so she is important. She has many rings on and her dress is lined with jewels. You can also see that her head set is lined with many jewels and looks like the fabric used is very expensive. b. In the background it is blue which means some importance, but in the back you can see her shadow which I thought was different because I only saw one other painting that showed the shadow. c. I think they want the person seeing the painting to see that the queen is very important, and you can see this by all the jewels in the dress and how you can see the detail in the dress even through the painting. d. I think I good name for her would be Jen. She would be in the highest part of the society. Her job is being the Queen of England I think that the persons personality is that she is a low key person, I think she likes to do work and cares about her work.
a. The clothing of the subject is very big, The dress is white with gold stripes, the neck goes up all the way to her chin. Then her dress is lined with jewels and there is a lot of jewels on the dress as well. She is also holding a lace cloth I think might be important to her and maybe her family. b. The background is black and I think that the black background makes you focus more on the dress, and I think that thats what the subject wants you to do. c. I think that they want you to think or feel that she is a very important person and that she can buy many fancy dresses with many jewels on it and because she can buy these fancy outfit she is very well respected in Spain (Where she is queen.) d. I think that a good name for her would be Jane. She would be the highest part of society, and her job would be to be to queen of Spain. I think that her personality is very sophisticated and she likes to be very organized with her work, and she cares that she gets her work done but looks good doing it.
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