Nepalese Style

many beautiful characters, color and line fades, buddhas making music
great characters and details of hands and faces
dark backgrounds reveals beautiful lines, and again just zooming into this on you can find great compositions with color and lines
great clouds and flying object in the sky, nice detail of a demon slayer on horse back
style of fire, sun moon, clouds
clouds, flying buddhas, layout for painting about to start, the lotus flowers in the pond
sun, moon style
great details, pink lotus, clouds
just simply oohing in reveals incredible beauty and color and textures
design and style of the cloth at the bottom
clouds, flowers, birds, fire, dragon in clouds
great for detail zoomed in and overlaid as light
depiction of water, clouds and earth(ground)
beautiful border with dragons, style of mountains and rocks, white lotus flowers
orange border is interesting contains patters that are zoomed in to show only parts
man riding the dragon on clouds
beautiful scenery for zoomed detail as light on images or empty space
amazing Fire, landscape
borders, design style, dragons, fire balls ,interesting sections of the paintings overlaid as light on photos
intricate details and great characters for zoomed overlay effects
Credits: All media
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