Hybrid Heritage

An intermixed child's hunt for knowledge regarding all of his ancestors.

I chose this work of Viking art because it represents the conquests of the Vikings, how they spread the genetics from North America to Iraq.
I chose this because I think it represents another vital aspect of where I come from, Africa. Though which region specifically, I am unsure.
Khan spread his genetic influence from Mongolia to the Ukraine. I decided to put his portrait in the gallery because I'm partially Korean, and Koreans have undoubtedly been affected by his influence.
The Flemish people indirectly descend from the Germanic tribes that integrated into other countries' nobility. My surname Norton has a noble history.
Many people know about China's warring states period, but few outside of Asia know about Korea's. I chose this because it represents Korea as a developing nation, and could be what an ancestor wore.
I chose this because it represents the history of slaves that the African in me is tied to. I think it resembles the historic transition of becoming African-American, which intermixed with European.
I chose this because it was what the Vikings used to consider themselves full free adult citizens. My line indirectly connects to Scandinavia, according to my grandfather.
Both Norton (my surname) and Molyneux (the other family side's surname) descend from either English or French nobility, respectively. I chose this, even though by a German artist, to represent so.
I chose this to represent the struggle that afflicted many of my fellow blacks with mental virii that still continues to affect crime rates and educational scores today.
I chose this as a beautiful representation of Korea, since on my mother's side, I indirectly descend from there as well.
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