Steven Marquez Gallery

this one interested me just by how simply it is.
this piece caught my eye just because of how the stars shine while the town is all dark.
i like this one because i used to have something like this in my old home, its amazing how something like fruit can be painted and it tells a story.
i like this one because it amazes me how the lion doesn't attack and how its a simple piece that tells a story.
this one interested me because i didn't know what it was until i got a closer view and i believe its a bonfire and people sitting around and dancing around it.
this one is cool because i have a passion for dogs and they just look really cool in this painting.
i like the simplicity of this piece.
i like how this painting has a lot of things going on in it, with the lady relaxing to the animals peeping through and the flute being played.
i like how the artist didn't over crowed the painting with things because it looks great like this. simple is usually better.
the variety of color in this painting is good and it all fits together.
Credits: All media
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