Landscape Lesson Plan

This gallery shows several different examples of what a landscape can be. This gallery is to be used as part of the introduction to my Landscape lesson plan.

What is a landscape? There are many different ways to represent a "landscape". Your goal for this assignment is to show a place in an appealing way. Light can affect the appeal of a space dramatically.
Something else you can use to make a space appealing is the content and the color choice. This piece shows a field of bright flowers and lush green grass.
What is realism? Some artists choose to use great detail and create a very "realistic" environment.
While other artists choose to allow their brush strokes to be more visible like Monet.
What is surrealism? And some artists create very "surreal" landscape using large brush strokes and little definition, much like Van Gogh.
from far away you can tell Van Gogh is showing us a seaside town. When we begin to take a closer look, however you can see his homes are represented by two brush strokes.
Som artists choose to be more representational in style. Seurat uses shapes of color, however it is still clear that this is a landscape.
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