World war 2

Battles against the Germans

This is a propaganda poster made by the Soviet Union during the battle of Stalingrad. It is showing the Russian soldiers fighting and driving back the Nazi army
After the battle of Stalingrad a civilian blacksmith made a sword to remember all of the Soviet soldiers that died during the immense fighting. The sword was given to Joseph Stalin.
This picture shows the battle strategies made by the Soviet Generals to attack the German capitol of Berlin, the Reichstag being their main targer
The image shows the American troops sailing onto Omaha beach. They are prepared to invade the Nazi accupied city of Normandy
This is an image showing the paratroopers that were meant to support the soldiers that are invading
This image shows the paratroopers jumping out of the planes to help support the American troops.
This image shows the American troops preparing for the battle of D-day. They are celebrating possibly their last meal.
This image shows the American soldiers shooting down Nazi planes to help support the ground troops from air attacks.
This image shows the preparing of military supplies that were being readied for the battle of Normandy.
The image shows the Nazi defense against the invading Americans. This picture shows a Pk.40 Anti Tank field gun that acts to support infantry by taking out enemy tanks
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