can you feel it? textures in painting that seem almost real.

I created this gallery with paintings in which the artist did such a good job in creating textures that it feels like you could just reach out and touch it. I was inspired by Jan Van Eyck's Arnolfini Portrait, but unfortunately I was not able to find the painting on the website.

This is a perfect example of Van Eyck's textures. The figures look like carved statues placed in a niche, but in reality it is just a painting. Even the letters look like they are carved in the stone.
I chose this painting because the artist did a great job at making the surface look rough and powdery, like sand and rocks. The effect is even better when looked at from far away.
The fabrics here are excellent, and we can only tell it is not a picture because of the faces. You can clearly see her dress and the rug are made of different materials, and even the fabric covering the back of her chair is full of detail.
In this painting the dog's fur looks warm and soft, while the stone floor gives the impression of being smooth and cool. The wooden bench and door also have realistic textures.
As with most Van Eyck paintings, the fabric textures are amazing. You can almost feel the weight of the fabric on their bodies, the dirt on their feet, and the rough rocks in the background.
My favorite part of this painting is the paper. The water stains and wrinkles in the paper make it look almost like a picture. In this painting I really feel like I could reach in and grab the paper.
This painting contains many different textures, and it is easy to tell what things are made out of and how they would feel. The rug in the middle of the room especially looks soft and comfortable.
The rocks in this painting look very smooth and real, while the background looks like a painting. The contrast between the two makes the textures of the rocks and stones stand out even more.
The details on the fabrics in this painting are second only to the amount of detail in the background. The arches and architecture here have such an amazing amount of detail they look real.
This painting looks like a photograph. The leather of the couch looks supple, the wood finishes are smooth and polished, the mirror is shiny. The objects in the background have just as much detail.
Textures are everywhere in this painting. The wooden walls are rough, the paper wrinkled, and his clothes look like real silk. The coins in the metal jar are a nice touch.
This one is not as realistic looking as the rest, but the fur on the rabbit is very fuzzy and soft. there is a lot of details in the fur that give it a realistic look.
My favorite part of this painting is the hay. It looks soft, warm, and comfortable. The way the artist pictured it here makes me want to jump right in and take a nap on the hay.
All I can think of when I see this image is soft, fluffly snow. The snow in the road looks dirty and crushed by travelers, and the trees look as if I could just brush the snow off the trunks.
My favorite part of this portrait is her hair. It looks very light and soft, brings life to the picture and softens her features. The texture of her clothes and chair is also very well done.
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