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A gallery with paintings from the Romanticism era. The Romanticism era was full of paintings with the sense of "An Ode to Nature." People were recognizing natural beauty in the world around them, and there is no better way to express it than through art.

The viewpoint the painting was drawn from has a dark sneaky sense of discovery. The shadows that encircle the factory in the distance gives it the idea that it is a utopia.
This piece of art does not need the rest of the details from the destructive world of industry to tell its story. The story of the death of natural beauty through industry.
The entire painting contains a great deal of detail. Durand made his statement strong and clear by capturing such beauty.
The portrait of this boy contains a very strict and watched sadness. He has a very serious posture and face. The color scheme plays in with the very dark image.
The frame from the viewpoint of the observer seems as if there is a new era coming their way. A sense of starting over, because of the destructive buildings ahead.
The purple sky is a beautiful complement to the green grassland. The darkness in the corner shows that the sun is setting and the light is ending. One last glimpse of beauty.
The details and lines throughout the rocks and mountains in this print is amazing. The line drawing technique was used with such precaution.
A land that was once beautiful is slowly being consumed by industry as it spreads from the land to the boarders of water on the coasts.
The colors are so vibrant and bright. The different flowers painted in this still life are so beautifully assorted.
Mount seems to have an imagination for comical situations. It can be interpreted that 3 boys may have taken a self entitled break from their harsh labor enforced jobs to embrace natures beauty.
There are men digging in the ground for gold. It is a giant pit made into the ground that has destroyed the landscape. The men are intrigued and look money-crazed.
Ironically, the artists name is Salmon and he painted a landscape of a shore in which there is a business community. These communities most likely sold and traded fish.
There is a lady and kids in an agricultural surrounding looking at the mountains. Despite the stereotypical "city dreams" the boy sitting on her lap is capturing its beauty on canvas.
The image captured can be very enjoyable and peaceful because of its simplicity. The marshes and the simple sun setting in the back gives it a sense of bliss nature.
Many may find this piece very amusing due to the situation and cartoon-like character. The woman portrayed in this painting has a face very different from the details surrounding her.
The very stereotypical situation may be unsettling. As the Native Americans portray this red orange color as they celebrate while darker more natural looking men are being dragged and tied up.
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