Renaissance perspective 

Fantasy element: Element is imaginary, and is any time period Ink wash- East Asian type of brush painting Classical language:Language with a literture thats classical 3D: width, depth, length effect
Central Perspective-Points come from single point Illusion-false perception of art Perspective systems- dimensions across=shorter than dime. along Receding Lines-perpendicular to plane of projection
Intarsia-Mosaic worked into wood Parallel Perspective-parallels of object=perpendicular of surface Central Perspective-Points come from single point Interior design-designing architectural interiors
Tempera paint- medium, provides coverage on absorbant surface Canvas-surface for oil painting Composition-arrangement of visual elements in art Centre- The center of an artwork
Mixed media-combination of many mediums Introspection-evoking art works mood View point- point of view/persoective of art (only 3 possible words for this artwork)
No description available for artwork
Watercolor:type of medium, paint mixed with water Exhibition: A public showing of arts COmrade Artist: Artist who had already completed there art studies
Macro viewpoint:very large in scale Micro viewpoint: very small in scale Dae Won Yang: famous korean artist Korean paper: medium that's handmade paper from korea made from inner bark of Paper Mulberry
Foreshortening: rendering a figure in depth Spatial recession: illusion of objects close and far away Non-linear perspective-doesnt preserve straight lines Non-intersecting lines-dont touch, parallel
Credits: All media
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