example of lines

All this art will be made by all different types of lines

These lines go in every direction but they mainly go in one direction to form a circle. there are thin lines and then very thin lines. Its also kind of abstract
These lines make up letters and the letters go around in the same direction to make it look like a finger print its abstract
these lines are thick and thin and it looks like contour drawing because the way the lines are going and how they are like almost perfect
these line are mainly thin and they are curvy and straight
the lines are thick and thin and the lines make up a dog standing in the woods and there are a lot of different colors
there are many different colors and this looks like contour art because it looks relistic
this is very detailed and all the lines are thick and thin and its kinda abstract but more contour
the lines are thick and thin and they are contour
abstract flowers with thick and thin lines going almost every direction with many colors
thick and thin lines going different directions to make people walking away from eachother
Credits: All media
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