An Eye for Composition.

My gallery is a compilation of fifteen art pieces that appeal to my eye. The artworks I chose focus on composition and concept scene.

Paul Guillaume, Novo Pilota. This piece has an interesting elongation of form and scene composition. It gives me the perception of a elegant bohemian man walking on a romantic night.
Return of the Foreign Worker. I chose this piece because I really enjoy the emphasis in the right side, it makes the artwork interesting. Moreover, it creates in me the curiosity of what the man in the piece might be doing. the concept and the composition of the artwork made me interact with it; and that is what i am searching when looking at art.
I really like the emphasis which is the woman in the right side and the opposing point which is the cat in the left side. the composition has a solid stability. Moreover, it makes me interact with it because it takes me to the reality some housewives were living during that time.
this self -portrait called my attention because it has a concept that represents the natural instinct of superstition man has to imagine the dark relation between life,death and the spiritual world.
This piece called my attention because it was created by the father of modern art. The composition of "The Bather" is classical with some special features that makes the painting interesting and appealing to the viewer.
The Sleeping Gypsy This piece called my attention because Henri Rousseau knew how to make a classical composition interactive and entertaining.Moreover, The concept of the scene is very intriguing. I really enjoy when an art work move my emotions.
This impressionist painting called my attention because the emphasis is covering a great part of the background; My eye goes directly to her face. Furthermore, the concept of the painting is simple but objective. It truly capture the eye of the viewer.
"The Balcony room" is a private art. Adolf Menzel practically used his everyday surroundings as a subject of painting, I personally find it very interesting.
"Cranes" is a very unique piece. The composition of this work is well balanced. It has an emphasis and opposing point and some features leading the eye toward the emphasis.
This illustration is incredibly astonishing because of the amount of detail and sense of perfection it has. The composition is classical; however it entertains the viewer because it has many characters leading the eye toward the emphasis. It oblige the person to interact with the painting.
This surreal artwork is amazing. It called my attention because it was created by two graffiti artists, which in my terms is very interesting. The concept is infant because of it's cartoon figures, the composition is well done because as usual it makes the eye enter to the painting through the emphasis which here is in the center, but them the other features force the eye to check into detail the whole artwork.
This impressionist painting called my attention because the scene shows a calmed demon which is very unusual; He seems harmless.
The composition of this poster is simple but profound. The emphasis is slightly focused in the left side and the scene embodies the situation of a generation.
The composition is classical. However, what called my attention is the concept of the scene. The environment really captured my eye.
This peace has a classical composition. It has the emphasis in the center and two features on it's sides. What I enjoy of "Family Portrait" is that the concept of the scene inspire me curiosity.
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