Ancient Egypt

An overview of Ancient Egypt and a view of primary sources. Please have your social studies journal ready and be sure to write two interesting facts from each image. Don't forget to take the museum tours and find the pyramids on the map!

What do you think was occurring in this hieroglyph that made it important enough for a picture to be made about it? How do you know?
Compare this image with the Horemheb grave relief image. How are they similar? How are they different?
There is hieroglyphic writing on this image, which characters do you recognize? What do they mean? Please copy the above link and explore the website, focusing on the writing.
What would be a reason a pyramid would have a false door? What are other ways the Egyptians protected their pyramid? Share an idea to protect the pyramids & share why you think it would be successful
How were the men expected to retrieve the items from the tomb? Would we use the same types of tools today? Why or why not?
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