Print Vs. Drawing and Painting

Lithograph. Texture is used in the bull, so it looks more realistic. There is a large amount of space between the bull in the arena and the people. movement is used throughout the print with the position of the people and the diagonal position of the bull. Rhythm with the repetition of people.
Oil Painting. The color red stands out among the somber tones. Shape is shown, since the bull is more shape than form. Balance is between the pile of people and the large, imposing bull. There is unity.
Wood Engraving. There are many human forms along the beach. There are many ruffled lines in the girls dresses. There is a good proportion between the people and the ocean. There is emphasis on the larger, more detailed people in the front of the print.
Watercolor. Different shades of blue and different lines create texture on the water. The lines in the water and the cliffs are thick and organic. There is balance between the two cliffs with the body of water. There is emphasis on the ocean,because it is the brightest color in the painting.
Lithograph.Space is created by the overlapping of the trees. The tree branches are flowing, natural shapes. There is repetition of trees and headstones, with a sense of unity from the similar coloring.
Ink. There is a dominant use of straight, thin, line in this drawing. The path to the building creates a sense of depth and also is emphasized by its lack of shading and its center position. The large amount of line creates a pattern between the trees.
Woodcut. There is a strong emphasis on the woman's bright hair, and a sense of unity between the ground and the man. There is a strong contrast in color on the horizon line; however, even with a horizon line there is a lack of space.
Oil Painting. There is a lot of spontaneous line with a natural shape of a woman and a large amount of negative space. There is a sense of movement with the woman's position and emphasis on her red hair.
Drypoint and Engraving. Proportion by positioning and variety form the different figures in the print. Many lines used, and lines make up the man in the lower corner.
Oil painting on Oak. Space is created by overlapping and proportion by the positioning of the characters. There are many textures created by the detail of the characters and movement with all of the busy people and animals in the painting.
Drypoint and Aquatint. The coloring of this print lacks intensity and contrast. It also lacks form, and rather has the shapes of people. There is a unity of the simalir tones and balance with the baby in between the two women, centered in the middle of the print.
Oil Painting. The position of the two figures suggests movement and there is a strong repetition of color. The same quick, brushstroke lines are used and the space between the people and the background is defined.
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