This is a collection of  woman portraits of different age periods, from different places, and in different time. The main topic I want to say is Woman's life. These images all are presenting woman by either photograph or drawing. The first image is a portrait of a young girl. She was reclining on something and look at the painter. She looks young and with very messy hair, and it just likes a kid who don't have any worries in her mind. The second image is a photograph portrait of a female adolescence. She was standing by herself and look at the other side. Children at this ages start to have their own thinking and may not like their parents to disturb them. They start to know loneliness and spend times by themselves. The third image was a painting of a crying girl. She was imprisoned and looked very upset. Freedom seems very far away from her and she became upset. The reason I used this painting here is the girl is a representation of all teenagers who do not feel they have enough freedom when their parents have too much control on them and some of them choose to isolate themselves if they think others are not friendly as they think. The forth image is a painting portrait of a princess from Asian country. She was wearing a special luxuriant dress which implies her special social stage. The purpose of this image can be personal or family uses because a princess may not like to share her portrait with everyone. This image I used to represent a young woman during their 20's. They like to show their beauty and they are confident with wearing some luxuriant dress. The fifth image is a wall painting of a woman. She was holding a drink, and as the explanation said, it was mix with her husband's ashes after he died. She looks sad with tears on her face. This painting has a special meaning of conjugal love. I used this image to represent the marriage stage of a woman's life. When a young girl grows to a woman, she will falls in love with a man and get marriage until they get old and leave.  The meaning of art can be influenced or changed by the presenter. These image all have different meaning and purpose, and they are from different place in the world. Technology gives us a chance to look at it at home, also gives me a chance to reproduce it---create my own exhibition. The way I present it change the meaning of these images. I put them in one gallery, and because I add some descriptions of these images, they have their new meaning--- a woman's life. 

Credits: All media
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