Monet and Pissarro Water

A gallery of the Impressionist artists, Claude Monet and Camille Pissarro's artwork that was centered around water.

Pissarro was one of the first Impressionists, and influences from the other artists before him, are evident in his early work. The heavy feel of the trees shows signs of the older style. Personally this is not one of my favorite pieces by Pissarro because of the older darker feel of the design and how it shows a much older style of artwork
During 1878 and 1879, Monet painted many views around Vétheuil, observing its various appearances across the different months and how the changes in seasonal light brought around differing appearances in the town’s architecture and setting. In this painting of Vétheuil I am stunned by the beautiful bright colors and the fast brush strokes that give the artwork a more abstract and less traditional feel.
Pissarro believed that everything is suitable for drawing and Pissarro was true to this when he painted this scene with the factory. Pissarro didn't care much for factories and he did not see the future of humans in them, but on the countryside instead. Personally I feel like this piece expresses how Pissarro was not open to change, so I do not fully appreciate the inspiration behind this piece and how Pissarro viewed factories in a negative light.
The Marne at Chennevieres is a piece by Pissarro that really embodies the older style of art that was in style before the impressionism movement. With Pissarro being one of the first impressionist artist we can see this older style for sure through the dark colors and very detailed feel of this piece. Personally I don't really like this piece by Pissarro because of the heavy and gloomy feel that the piece has.
This painting by Monet has been framed it to focus on the majestic power of nature instead of the resort like town that Monet was visiting. This framing makes the piece more memorable and interesting due to how unique and different it looks. I personally love how Monet depicted the waves rising on the water and how they give a tense or dark feel due to the foggy and dark (intense) colors.
In this work, Monet focused on inserting figures into a landscape without disrupting the unity of the artwork. He integrated elements with one another through texture and color to make the figures and landscape flow together. I really enjoy this piece by Monet because of how beautiful a serene the artwork looks and because of how much attention to detail that was used in the overall design.
The Oise near Pontoise in Grey Weather is yet another piece by Pissarro that embodies his belief ; that anything can be drawn. Pissarro like I had said before wasn't really into industrialism and from this painting we can see the factory being portrayed in a negative light. This is not on my list of favorite pieces of art for Pissarro because of the gloomy feel that this piece holds.
Waterloo Bridge is a piece by Monet that almost reflects many of Pissarro's works. In this piece we see a *****y blue that has been blurred to create the effect of ***** from the factory. I feel like Monet felt the same way that Pissarro did in a way (that anything can be painted, and that people don't belong in factories) because of how much Monet enjoyed painting beautiful pieces in nature. Personally this is not my favorite piece by Monet yet again because of the subject matter and how the painting is lacking certain details.
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