Blue Skies, Starry Nights & Evening Atmospheres

This exhibition on Blue Skies and Starry Nights shows different types skies, night and atmosphere on these artworks that are made different artist from different culture and time that is surrounded by places of the whole world including cities, mountains, seasons and nature and how it's reflecting with the skies, nights and their atmosphere. The structure of this exhibition starts with bright blue skies with sun shining down which how we start our days of our life with our responsible to follow down night time that are showing shining stars up in the sky and bright moon grazing down and reflecting to their environments. Furthermore, travelling can inspires artists to reflect and imagination what in the skied and nights in different places of their home country or the whole world by using their imagination and shows the elements of magical, imagination and experience in your life and having a great understanding of the possible meanings behind these artworks, opinion that can be discuss by these paintings and relationship between all these artworks that be relate to the skies, nights and atmosphere. The starry nights can be reflects to your own emotion and personal feelings to the stars, moon and dark sky. 

This artwork 'Moved Landscape-Journey 065' by Lim, Taek evidence Post Modern Frame because people in the present like travelling to different places of their home country or the whole world by using their imagination.
This artwork 'Fantastic Mountainous Landscape with a Starry Sky' by Robert Caney evidence the Subjective frame because it's show the elements of magical, imagination and experience.
The artwork 'The Greatest and Holiest of Tangla, From the Shambalah Series' by N. Roerich evidence Structural Frame because the sky is on point than the rest of the painting.
The artwork 'Starry Night' by Vincent van Gogh evidence Cultural Frame because shows the starry night of the artwork is reflecting to the lake of the city Paris, France and it is like mirror reflecting itself.
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