Brian's Gallery of Perspective Art

A collection of paintings that were created at a one point perspective.

In this painting, I like how the street and the buildings extend to the vanishing point on the horizon giving the painting depth and how the shadows of the clouds gives it a realistic touch.
The perspective of this painting and the position of the trees gives this image a three dimensional appearance.
I like the colors used in this painting, especially on the water. Not only does the water appear to be reflecting the trees and building, but the sunlight as well.
The lighting and shadowing of this painting is remarkable. It has a very realistic feel to it.
I enjoy the sunset theme of this painting, it is very soothing and relaxing. I could stare at a view like this for hours.
The gloomy colors on this painting fits the scenario perfectly giving an emotional feel of sadness.
I love how the colors were used in this painting for that realistic effect of the ripples on the water.
I like how the colors were used in the mountains giving it that hazy apepearance from the clouds.
I like how the tree is appears to be right in front of you giving this piece a wide range of depth.
The texture in this painting is amazing. I love how the artist used brushstroke techniques to create that.
I like how the mountain was created in this painting for that three dimensional appearance.
I like how the perspective on this painting was used quite differently then the previous art shown. The vanishing point here is actually to the far right of the painting.
I like perspective of painting where it appears that the viewer is standing inside a cave looking outward.
This painting is absolutely beautiful. I love how the clouds were painted on this piece as well as the lighting and shadowing.
I love the lighting and shadowing in this piece as well as the reflection on the water.
Credits: All media
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