Never forgotten cities-Roosevelt Goodson

Artists capture precious moments in time, but did you ever wonder about the beauty behind the art? Beautiful architecture can be see around the world and has evolved over hundreds of years.

This photo captures the captures Central avenue in the city of brazil. The overview of the city depicted the gathering of locals in a common area and shows off the unique design of curves in the bottom of the building. With much detail in the trimming around the window opening, Marc changes the look into what we would call a reverse lighting look that gives this picture an epic and mysterious feel.
The beautiful city of Warsaw, Poland is capture from an overviewing building north of the king's castle. This artwork captures everyday life in the courts of Warsaw. In the the distance, the castle can be seen in the distance along with churches. In this piece everyday life in the royal life is immortalized. The overcast of sky depicts the beginning of a beautiful day of what may appear to be a perfect city.
On the beaches of Rome, bathers are captured posing for the moment. The architecture of the beach house is not to far from some seen in modern day. This depicts the gathering of the masses to enjoy the beach. The shapes of the architecture resembles those of early 1930 style.
This artwork depict the Tower of Babel during the construction site while capturing the commotion in the harbor. The dark colors seem to give a dark and grim vibe to the photo. The lines of the clouds and shading in the sky gives depth as the rest of the land scape appear distant. This also draws focus to the structure's size.
Coming from the Mill depicts the scene of the industrial age during busy times. Workers are catered coming from work. The figures in the artwork lean in movement appearing as if tired. The shading of smoke create depth as the facility's smoke cloud the rest of the city buildings in view.
This painting depicts the celebration of marriage festivities of the Australian throne. It capture the wedding supper in the palace. The architecture depicts of royalty as the detailed chandeliers hang from high ceilings surrounded by multiple pillars.
This Painting depicts the carnival at the palace and the gathering of the masses for an important event. The colors of the parade resemble one of a unified celebration. It almost resembles a celebration of patriotism. The architecture depicts a court of one that sports would occur in. The dark sky gives life to the bright lights of celebration.
This painting depicts the architecture of Moscow. The color in the artwork resembles the colors of the desert. The curves in the design represent designs of buildings that would be in a royal palace or royal setting. This signifies a dwelling of a king, queen or someone of high importance.
We all know the leaning Tower of Pisa. This photo depicts the complexity of this building and its ability to remain standing in it's current state. This is captured with a upright and level building next to it standing. The shades of color give a questioning vibe that pushes the question of how and why is that structure able to stand on its on?
This artwork depicts the honoring, or should I say honoring of John F. Kennedy. The royal spread has been laid out for the occasion. The architecture shows a great deal of high importance because of the size and detail in the structure and design. All white cloths for the table and the proper layout of silverware symbolize that people of high importance will also be attending.
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