Leonardo da Vinci

This is a short selection based on my experiences of Leonardo's work. I have seen the Map of Imola, the Deluge and the portrait of Ginevra de Benci, and know the head of Leda by a variation similarly with the anatomical drawing. Most of Da Vinci's painting I've seen on various trips. In 1989 the Hayward had a show of some 90 drawings, along with a composite model of the flying machine and computer models based on drawings of trees. Da Vinci's sense of connection between diverse elements of nature, where the wind is as animated as the body is constructed, is outstanding in the history of art.  

This map of the town Imola conveys Leonardo's sense that human constructions are animated with the same forces as those controlling nature.
Leonardo strove to find visual means to convey the workings of all things including the human body.
The Deluges illustrate the tremendous forces of impact and percussion unleashed in massive storms of the imagination.
This is the first Leonardo I saw, and it stopped me in my tracks as I was walking past to get to the contemporary galleries. It was as if a light was on, inside the painting.
The unity of the forces of nature were exemplified in such diverse elements as hair and water, in Leonardo's expansive cosmology.
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