I found this picture very interesting for many reasons. Since the theme of my exhibit is "the search for meaning", I believe that this picture is very relevant. The boy or man shown in the picture seems to be mentally and physically drained. He appears as if he has been trying to figure out what makes him a man .his situation relates to myself when sometimes I try to decipher what exactly "life" is and what is the purpose. I chose the title for this item because the boy/man is probably wondering "at what moment do you become a man/woman". When do we as humans know that we are no longer a child. Is it based on age? Mental state? Physical state? Accomplishments? Or something totally different? The boy/man looks mentally defeated because he knows that there is no defined criteria that will make him a definitive man. Often times when i try to think about life I quickly give up because I too, know that it is impossible to find out and answers.
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