Beachin' It 

I picked this picture it was on the beach in Honolulu, Hawaii and it was a group of people just enjoying the view. The function is just to show people having a goof time and enjoying each others company. I would not have changed this picture.
I think this picture is kind of interesting in the way that you really have to focus on the picture to somewhat make out what it is. On the other hand I might have changed it so it would be a little easier to see.
I liked this picture because the focus is on the girl in the picture and the background is simple but still very pretty. I also picked it because when my aunt and I went to Hawaii we put flowers in our hair too.
I liked this picture because it' a bunch of people just having fun and enjoying the beach!I think that it also shows them as being a little older but still able to enjoy the ocean water and have fun. I might have changed this picture just enough so you could see some of their faces and expressions.
I liked this picture because they all have their lai's on. When I went to Hawaii my aunt and I were given real, fresh Lai's to wear. I wouldn't have changed this picture.
This picture stuck out to me because it looks like they're at a luau. I got to go to a Luau when I was in Hawaii and it was really fun. We also got another fresh lai and a little shell necklace. I wouldn't have changed this picture.
I like this picture and I don't like this picture at the same time because I like that it's someone enjoying the water but that's also all it shows. I feel like this picture is kind of boring in a way.
I like this a lot because he's surfing and trying to keep his balance. When I was in Hawaii we saw quite a few surfers.
I really like this picture because it's in color and it looks really more exciting and fun, and you can tell that they're enjoying themselves and the water.
I like this picture because it shows celebration in this picture but also has a very seriousness at the same time because of the day that this picture was taken on. I like how it captures both of those emotions at the same time.
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