Lost Perspective - Chris Fortin - Art History

This image of Macbeth perfectly shows perspective using the enormous mountain landscape to show scale.
This painting of the Sierra Nevada mountains shows perspective with its elegant colors and lighting. The artist does a great job showing the depth of the mountains using perspective.
In this painting the artist uses a giant mountain to show distance, giving the photo depth almost like you could jump into it and start walking.
This painting lacks mountains, so the artist uses the people and building to show perspective. When your eye goes farther back in the image, the objects get smaller.
This painting does an excellent job showing perspective, using the building and trees in the upper left hand corner of the picture. only that little section of sky clearly show perspective.
This image of a young knight does a good job of showing perspective by using the coast line. If you follow the coast you get a sense of depth and perspective.
Unlike most of the images so far, this image uses a person farther back in the image to show perspective. The artist makes the person who is Jesus in the back smaller then the people in the front.
This Market Scene hardly shows perspective, but on the right hand side of the image you know the artist was trying to do it by using the path for your eye to follow.
This image of perspective uses the background of the forest to show depth. Giving you the impression that these people are deep in the forest.
In this painting perspective was the whole point. It really goes into great detail showing perspective, everything from the coastline to the people. Everything about this painting is perspective.
Wonderful use of perspective, painting a giant scene like this you need to show perspective to make it look real. The artist does an amazing job showing all the people on this great field.
This image of Harvesters shows perspective in many ways. first the landscape gives the impression that these people are on a hillside. Also the people get smaller the further away they.
I enjoy this painting, it shows a fisherman fighting the seas to bring in his catch. This image shows perspective by using a lone rock to show the shore side. Making him seem away far from the shore.
I also enjoy this painting because it gives off the vibe the calm after the storm. It shows perspective by using the amazing sky and landscape. The great use of color in this image stands out to me.
This image of a town street shows perspective by using the road to guide your eye down the street giving a sense of depth and perspective.