Art with a Focus

This is a gallery of art that uses composition to draw the eye to a central focus in the work.

I chose this piece because the water takes up so much space that it becomes the main focus and draws the eye.
The subtle lines created by the objects just barely in frame point to the middle where the focus of the piece is.
The slight curve of the shrubs and the trees swaying in the background point right into the middle as to not divert attention.
The audience and the scenery draw lines to the stage that is lit up.
The curve of the mountain and the road lead you to the center where there is the most detail.
Everyone is facing the center where there is the most important character in the piece.
The mountains lead the eye down to the flowing river that splits the piece in half.
The way the desks are arranged leads the eye up the aisle slowly reaching the center of the piece.
This piece is just about in one point perspective with every line flowing into the center.
The land points strait into the river and more importantly to the boat in the center of the river.
The lines and the way the people are sitting lead the eye to the center.
Everything on the edge of the painting is pointing to the man in the center.
How the men are seated and how they are holding their swords together draw the eye to the most important part of the picture.
With a pyramidal composition all of the things at the bottom point up towards the most important focal point.
All of the other boats and the shore line are pointing to the center boat and the people in it.
Credits: All media
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