Blake Swygart


The vanes are the pattern of the vase because they lead to the center leaf on the center of the vase.
This art piece uses a whole bunch of little squares with is a shape so the tile uses shapes to make a bigger picture.
This art piece uses rhythem because the wavy lines that repeat over and over give the illusion of elements.
This vase has only brown as its color but the man is a much lighter brown and then the background is much darker brown. So the vase is using value.
This vase has variety and variety means different elements combined. So you goat and the vase jar use different elements.
The head on the bottom has lines going across his face and a line is the path a dot travels.
This teapot has harmony in it because you can see that the design is a shade of blue but different shapes but they all have harmony because of the blue.
This tea pot has a leafy texture to it and texture is what a object feels or looks like and since the object isn't flat then you know it has to have texture.
This man is showing movement as he is trying to balance the bowl thingy on his head and it looks as if the man is moving the bowl back on to the top of his head
This tile uses alot of different color iand color is the reflected light that you see. So the color all around the tile is the reflected color.
The man has proportion because the man looks like a real person and everything is even and not to long or short.
This vase has balance because on both sides of the vase they are both even and everthing is equal on both side they are identical.
The animal uses space in the mouth because it is negative space around the object but on the inside would be positive space.
The Tea Bowl uses emphasis because it is a black bowl with a green leave with makes the leaf stand out.
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