In this gallery you will witness artistic representations of the Roman God family known as MARS (God of War), Venus ( Goddess of love, sex, and beauty), and their son Cupid, The God of Desire. The representations that will be seen in this gallery are mediums such as sculptures and paintings. Enjoy a brief history of these amazing Gods of Roman mythology.

In this painting you can see the Gods Mars, Venus and Cupid sitting together as a family. The attention of both Mars and Cupid seems to be held by young Cupid playing with what appears to be the family dog. The element of art demonstrated in this piece is contrast, most parts of the painting are lit, but down by their feet and behind them it gets dark. A principle of design you can see is a pattern in the blanket used to cover Venus and give Cupid a soft area to sit.
In this painting you can see Mars and Venus once again, but this time with more than one offspring apparently. One kid plays with them while the other plays with Mars' horse. They appear to be outside of their home enjoying a windy afternoon. A formal element of art that you can see is a Dynamic one, notice behind them is a tree that appears to be blowing in the wind suggesting it is in fact a windy day. A principal of design that is shown is an Asymmetrical balance, the main element of the painting is Mars, Venus and possibly Cupid, while the other child and the horse are in the background.
In this beautiful painting, you will see Venus sitting on Mars' lap practically naked. Vulcan, the God of Fire spies on them as Zeus and many other Gods look on from above. A formal element I notice is Contrast, there is a great balance of coloring and shading through this painting. A principle of design that is shown is an asymmetrical balance, the main elements of the painting are Mars and Venus with a nosey Vulcan, while the other Gods are in the background.
Depicted in this sculptor, Mars and Venus are shown with their bodies tenderly embraced in each others arms, with not much facial expression from Mars, the sculptor still gives off a vibe of unity and love. A formal element of art shown is due to the way their bodies are intwined, causing a negative space and shape. A principle of design you can see is Rhythm, the repeated color in the sculptor is silver.
In this painting you will see Venus and her Cupid together on top of a hill. Cupid appears to have bee stings all over apparently from trying to steal honey as the title of the painting suggests. A formal element of art shown is the Organic shapes of the tree and bush they are standing next to. A principle of design shown is Proportion, there is plenty of depth going on behind them in what appears to be a town.
While battle appears to be going on in the background, Mars along with his son Cupid hang back. Cupid seems to be flying in place while his father Mars looks on. A formal element shown in this art is a three dimensional space, the part of the ground that Mars sits on is connected to the piece of land the two men in the far distance seem to be standing on as well. A principal of design shown is focus, there is such emphasis on his attire, the bright red cape surely sticks out more than any other element of the painting
This is a lead sculptor of Mars, The God of War. With a dragon atop his head, it could symbolize he was a murder of men. A formal element of art in this sculptor are negative shapes in between the sculptor. By creating movement through the placement of objects, a principle of design known as movement is shown. With his arm in the motion of pulling out his sword this principle is put into the place.
In this sculptor of the Goddess Venus, she holds her prized winning apple with her right hand looking away form the viewer. The formal element of Line is expressed in the detail of her hair. The principle of design shown is proportion, the perfect detail of her body shows a high level of realism.
This sculptor of Cupid shows him admiring one of his famous arrows, next to him is a helmet that he may wear in battle. There is an example of Line inside of Cupid's wings that create the visual shape of them. A principle design shown is Reflection, his wings also mirror each other.
In this interesting painting you can see the God of War himself, sleeping most likely after a long battle. With his sword still in his hands, it almost suggests that he is warrior full time. An element of art called Texture can be seen in his armor, appearing to be very rough and solid. A principle of design seen is Pattern, notice the spade shaped object on both sides of his chest, they are also on his helmet.
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