elements of art

This piece represents line; the lines that produce the ribbon which wraps around the woman and animals give the piece movement and connects all the subjects of the art.
This is an example of color; the vibrant colors painted on the wall, especially in contrast with the white floor and door, jump out and the viewer.
This represents shape; the organic shapes of the spaceships and geometric moons are placed on a bland background, making them the only focus of the piece.
This piece is a good example of space, because the negative area around the girl's neck and arms implies where the rest of her body is.
This represents value; the sunset in the background fades from a cooler blue, to orange, to a warm yellow.
This piece represents texture; the feathers on the woman's coat is portrayed in an extremely detailed way, and contrasts with the smoother background.
This piece represents shape; the shape of the resteraunt is not only clearly defined, it gives the piece depth due to the angle the resteraunt was painted at.
Credits: All media
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