Beach gallery 

The theme of this exhibition is the beach. This exhibition consists of artworks which represent the beach in some way. Most of the artworks on this exhibition are either straight forward and have an image of the beach or are not and have a connection to the beach.  I have chosen this theme as there are many beautiful and interesting ways to represent the theme. This includes all mediums of artworks such as photographs, sculptures and paintings. One particular artwork which is in this gallery is a sculpture called Tetradrachm with image of Poseidon/Antigonos Doson and was made in 227 BC - 221 BC. This piece of art is not straight forward and shows you an image of the beach or something that comes from the beach, Instead this artwork is a sculpture made out of silver which is connected to the beach as it has a picture of Poseidon sculpted into the silver. This artwork related to my theme as Poseidon is the Greek God of sea. This is an example of what forms of art you will find in my gallery. 

Post Modern
Structural Frame
Cultural Frame
Subjective Frame
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