The secret garden

This exhibition that is being shown to you today is called ‘The Secret Garden’. It is based on the garden environment and the miniature creatures that live there, which everyone forgets exist. This is the gardens ‘secret’, hence the title (The Secret Garden). Upon entering the exhibition the obvious green grass is seen. This is what comes to everybody’s mind when people mention the word garden, along with the other beautiful flowers and plants as well. Although, the aim of this exhibition is to present an idea that a garden is not just filled with a wide varieties of beautiful flora such as the grass, flowers, bushes, trees etc. This exhibition encourages people to take a more thorough, sufficient look. After going deeper into the exhibition slowly more is revealed to the eye. By taking a closer look we see a different world – one that is filled with a different kind of life which is so amazing to us. A world which is so tiny and miniscule that no one remembers is there. Without noticing it, every time that you step out into a garden, or even your backyard, there is no realisation that above, below and around us, there are so many creatures which surround us. So when you do enter the exhibition keep your eyes wide open, try to look past the green grass, and the pretty flowers, and there you will find many incredible creatures that you may have never known or seen before. Because a different world lives within our own, just because it is so miniscule that doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

This artwork evidences the structural frame.
This artwork evidences the cultural frame.
This artwork evidences the postmodern frame.
This artwork evidences the subjective frame.
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