Lingering love 

Lingering love is about movement, love and how its stayed the same through time. I have picked 10  pieces of art that relate to love and movement. I will be talking about what I see in the 10 pieces.

Hope nourishes love has a really deep meaning the big lady represents hope, nourishing the baby who is love.
I feel like love is an emotion that is expressed by dance and this sclupture show much emotion,the way man holds the woman like the big figure represents a man and the figure who is getting bent back.
This sculpture shows that their mother/teacher is them how to love and care
This paint reminds me of Romeo and Juliet and the two contrasting both rich tones, which make the them stand out from the bland colors in the background
The mother and child really show that their happily in love. she is weraring blue, brown, red which i feel represent that she is the leader someone with higher power.
This one shows that their love is strong and mature that they are on the same level and love eachother equally
The queen's sleeves are dark red that might represent she has a lot of blood on her hands and that she is strong yet she can also show compassion and that she has a soft spot too.
The sheperd shows how much he cares about his heard by killing the lion. His leg is on the lion's neck shows how strong he is.
The guy looks like he brought home some kind of animal fur for his family to prove that he is courageous
I feel like the title says it all by showing the annoyed lady trying to talk to someone but the baby is annoying her. the lady kind of enjoying because of how much she loves her baby.
Credits: All media
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