Perpective of Art

These pieces of art show perspective.

This painting shows pretty good perspective because you can see how the mountains in the background start to go out of focus as well as how the paining doesn't flat.
The perspective in this picture is mainly focused on the dock and the cost. The vanishing point is near the middle left of the city in the painting.
In this picture the people in the foreground are much larger than the people on the hill in the distance. The way people in between change in size depending on how close they are to the front of the picture.
the vanishing point is near the mountain in the left of the painting and the crosses get smaller as they approach the distance.
Perspective was used in this painting by making the town get smaller as it was closer to the horizon. If you look at the upper right of the town you will notice that it starts to go out of focus giving a slight depth of field.
This piece shows great perspective. The road is bigger at the front and as it gets farther away is starts getting smaller while approaching the vanishing point.
Shows perspective because the painting doesn't look flat. you can clearly tell where things are in the room and how far away they are from the person painting.
This piece shows perspective since all the tops of the buildings and street point towards one vanishing point
Everything is in perfect scale and perspective from the point of view and how the rug lines up and follows to the vanishing point in the right of the picture
the river flows towards the vanishing point and the stream gets wider as it gets closer to the front of the scene.
The people are perfectly to scale and the buildings are smaller in the background that the people in the front of the picture because of perspective.
The lines of the building point to the vanishing point.
lines of building follow vanishing points along with the river.
top of the hill is the vanishing point. trees and the characters are all to scale.
lines point to the vanishing point in the middle left of the picture.
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