Ceramics of the Modern and Middle Ages

These ceramic tiles were from the middle and modern age. Each piece has some importance of background and represents some meaning behind it.

These middle age ceramic piece(s) were wheel thrown. These ceramic pieces were products used for storage, and were often decorated with ribbon. These ceramic products were exported to North-North West Europe.
This ceramic piece was created by Grayson Perry and is a very detailed and unique piece. Perry in a very personal universe which is expressed in his artwork. He usually always expresses his thoughts and meanings through his work.
This piece of ceramic represents a priests head, and is detailed so it represents its' era of 1 AD- 800 AD. The sculpture has hooped shaped earrings, as well as a bottle on top of its' head.
This ceramic set was of the pre-war China and are maintained and kept in the modern art (deco style). These pieces are beautifully painted and have much detail,but are too overwhelming. They are very simple pieces that have much value and meaning.
Credits: All media
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