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This gallery is presenting the theme of 'nature' and 'going into the unknown'. During the gallery there are text boxes explaining each of the 4 frames, structural, subjective, post modern and cultural.The 15 artworks carefully chosen represent a story of a young person going through a dark forest where little is known. You start in the middle of no where and as you start going through the forest you start to discover different trees, rocks and wildlife. You manage to find someone else, a older man and ask for directions, you follow his path and out comes a beautiful view of the land. Clear, blue sky's and sunshine. As you go a little further you finally reach a other place. Another place to discover. After the experience, you are inspired and go and create a successful artwork. Why not do it again?

This artwork is an example of the structural frame as the composition of the artwork stands out. The patterns of the rocks are bold with the outline of it being strong. The trees are also really similar.
This artwork is an example of the cultural frame as when you look a bit closer at the image you can see a man in amour hunting
This artwork represents the subjective frame because the artist would have had a personal experience with nature and the rabbit to create it.
This is an example of a post modern frame as it is an installation and was created in 2009
Credits: All media
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