color gallery

I chose this piece for its use of color to give off the appearance of a cathedral in the form of stained glass.
So not much color here but the blue is used in a very interesting way and gives off a sleek appearance.
The use of color in this piece is varied and gives off a interesting vibe.
I like how the colors in this are used to form the landscape and village.
I like the modern feel of this piece.
The color in this piece feel like a beam of some sort.
I feel as though this is an abstract painting of a murder scene.
I like how the orange and black contrast to create a dark feeling.
I like how multiple colors are used to create a realistic water texture.
I like how the red and yellows contrast.
I like how the colors are sharp and crisp.
I like the contrast between the blue and yellow.
I like the contrast between the bright yellow and the dark blues.
I like the way color is used to create detail in the painting.
I like the use of color to depict the background.
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