color made the art

this gallery goes through several pieces and analyzes the use of color.

the use of complimentary color really helps appreciate the sculpture. When looking at this, you almost get the feeling that is a futuristic piece of fruit from an undiscovered tree.
I Don't understand the writing on the piece, but that is not what attracted me to it. When these three colors are used together, I always get the impression of protest or rebellion.
I love to see what materials that had before when creating color. It's amazing to me that through nature we can find such vibrant colors.
I love this sculpture because it almost looks like they liquified a painting and poured it into a bowl, creating a whole new piece of work.
I love this strong use of color. This use of color was a prefect blend to spark the imagination. Is it a sky or water?
A gallery of color can not be complete without this famous piece. This piece is a wonderful mix of calm but busy feel.
The color itself changes the mood of the picture. Most of the time we associate a town like this with despair. The colorful walls give a lighter tone that helps you understand the life of the town
I love this comic style of color and how the artist breaks down there use of color in the bottom half.
I have always found these technique fascinating. These piece was beautifully done using a assimilation of colorful dots to create an overall beautiful piece.
I love this use of color to create atmospheric prospective and the color also compliments each other well to create a peaceful image.
Using these similar colors to create these grapes helps provide a festive type feel to this fruit.
The use of cool colors on these squares provides a calming effect of movement and flow.
This use of color as a sky creates a dream like state that gives the image a whimsical look and feel.
This piece uses complimentary color to convey an image with no defined lines.
I love how even though the pattern is repeating, the contrasting colors constantly make your eyes wonder throughout the whole image.
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