The Principals of Design

These artists show all of the principals of art in their art work.

Steiner-Prag showed unity in Blue Graveyard by only using the color blue.
Okamoto Shuki showed rythem and movement in Auspicious Symbols: Crane, Rising Sun and Preach by making the water wavy causing it to look like it's moving.
Robert Delaunay showed variety in Circular forms. Sun and Moon by adding a lot of different colors.
Bridget Riley showed pattern in Conversation by using the same lines going in the same direction.
Jeong-Hwa showed proportion in Breathing Flower by making the flower bigger than a normal flower.
Kawase Hasui showed emphasis in Mishima River by making the moon brighter than all the other colors.
Peng Jian showed balance in Balance by using many different colors and shapes to even everything out.
Credits: All media
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