Ryan Sizemore

Color Schemes 

Monochromatic This picture is created only using different shades of brown. The limited use of color creates a somber and dignified mood
Cool This picture is composed of several different shades of blue and purple. These colors create a quiet and sleepy feeling as though everyone in the house was getting ready for bed.
Warm This picture uses different shades of orange, some very bright, to give a sense of heat to the metal. This color gives the painting a feeling of both strength and danger.
Analogous The shades of blue, green, and blue green that make up this landscape are what creates the analogous color scheme. This painting gives me a sense of freedom and natural wonder
Complementary The blue and orange are complementary colors in this painting. Both the color blue and the expression on the man's face makes me feel sad.
Triadic The greens, purples, and oranges make the triadic color scheme in this famous painting. The painting makes me think of relaxing and enjoyment
Credits: All media
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