The Mightiest in the Sky

This gallery includes representations of the Greek God, Zeus, and his Roman equivalent, Jupiter, in painting, sculpture, and other mediums. Zeus is the Greek God of the Sky and the king of the Gods.

The Head of Seated Zeus is a depiction of what Zeus looked like.
Statue of Jupiter depicts what Zeus's Roman counterpart Jupiter looked like.
This statuette of Zeus with his thunderbolt shows that Zeus is the God of the Sky.
Jupiter is shown in this painting with an eagle. This is because the Eagle is Jupiter/Zeus's sacred animal.
The Temple of Zeus shows what part of his temple looks like.
The Bronze figure of Jupiter shows Jupiter standing in a stance that shows power.
Enthroned Zeus shows Zeus sitting on his throne with is right hand up in the air. Many people said that he is holding his lighting bolt in his right hand.
Jupiter and Lo shows Jupiter coming down from the sky as clouds to steal a kiss from Lo
Jupiter Enthroned show a painting of Jupiter with a lighting bolt in his hand. A great representation of him being the God of the Sky.
Credits: All media
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