Sakura (cherry Blossom) : of hope and beauty, comes life. 

This gallery contains representations of a popular art called Byōbu (wind wall) originated by China. These folding wind walls made in Japan, have magnificent Sakura art that represent hope, beauty, and humility. 

This work of art shows men and women gathering under the newly bloomed cherry blossoms dancing. Some are not only dancing, but sharing food with one another.
This artwork shows various activities the men and women are having under the newly bloomed Sakura tree's. It shows a lot of variety, and up close patterns of the cherry blossoms.
The two right hand panels got destroyed in the Great Kanto Earthquake, but they depicted two noble women enjoying music under the newly blossomed Sakura tree. The left panel show women dancing under the cherry blossom tree.
This artwork depicts a variety of color and a lot of different events happening throughout the artwork. The maple tree's which have taken over the cherry blossom season, still show noblemen gathering around beneath it.
This piece shows the view of Arashiyama during spring. Sometimes there can be a lot of rain, mist, fog, preventing you from seeing the beauty of the cherry blossoms. This artwork shows depth.
This 6 panel shows the 4 seasons. Spring is represented buy cherry blossoms, which have many patterns flowing through the Byōbu.
This 12 panel Byōbu shows the viewing of Cherry Blossom's throughout Asakusa. The gatherings bring people together and beauty surrounds the entire city.
This artwork shows the spring season, and newly bloomed cherry blossoms. The specific patterns along the edges of the Byōbu made the artwork come to life.
The cherry blossoms bloom during the spring, and Japanese aristocrats hang slips of poetry, called "tanzaku" from the branches. This artwork shows the color differences between Autumn and Spring.
The left panel shows a small gathering during the blooming of cherry blossom season. Each pattern for the Sakura flowers are detailed.
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