art through the ages

Prehistoric Art Stonehenge is an ancient structure that, to this day, is still shrouded in mystery. Its purpose is still not known an can only be speculated upon. The ancient people who created this used post and lintel construction
Ancient Near East The Ishtar Gate was the eighth gate to the inner city of Babylon, however, it also acts as a powerful piece of propagando. It's size and beauty was meant to intimidate others and show the wealth of the civilization. The gate is completely covered in lapis lazuli glazed bricks, and representations of lions, dragons, etc. The message it sent during its time was loud and clear; Babylon was protected by the Gods.
Capitoline Gaul This sculpture is believed to be a Roman copy of a Greek Hellinistic bronze statue. The Romans were influenced strongly by Greek civilization, especially in art. This statue shows a great deal of emotion, as does Hellinistic art. The viewer gets a sense of the hopelessness that this warrior/gladiator is feeling
Ancient Aegean Lions Gate
Roman Art During this time rulers began to see the profit in using art as propaganda. This statue, Augustus of Primaporta, is a strong example of this. Augustus is seen without shoes, which eludes that this is a holy event. The small statue of cupid next to Augustus shows his divine lineage, as well as his breastplate, which depicts multiple Gods fighting and aiding him in battle.
Islamic Art The Taj Mahal was a declaration of love. Shah Jahan had the white marble mausoleum created for his favorite of three wives.
Starry Night is potentially one of the most recognized paintings in the world and Vincent Van Gogh one of the most well known artisits.
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