Mackenzie Jaeger

Color Schemes

This painting has warm colors involved because the sky involves reds, yellows, and oranges. The mood of this is calming and relaxing.
This painting includes a complementary color scheme by using the red and green. The mood of this painting is calming.
This painting involves an analogous color scheme because all these colors are all near each other on the color wheel and they transition into each other. The mood is a a bit cold but calm.
This painting includes a monochromatic color scheme. It involves many different shades of orange which gives in a soothing mood.
This artwork represents a cool color scheme because it has blue purple and green colors through out the painting. The mood of this painting is cold and mysterious.
This would be a triadic color scheme. The fence is red, the tree is yellow, and the boys shirt is yellow which creates a triangle on the color wheel so its triadic. The mood of this painting is calm.
Credits: All media
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