Does It Matter??

By:Kiara Nicholson

To me this is an example of Hedonism. I say this because their look happy. More so maybe described as the pursuit of happiness. Like they've grown to the amount of happiness that they have right now.
This to me is an example of Nihilism. I say this because this picture doesn't show preciseness. Everything is just all over. If there was value and belief it would be more organizably formatted.
This to me is an example of Existentialism. I say this because there seems to be no order it looks like a place where you can do, be, have, and see any and everything regardless of basically anything.
This to me is an example of Theism. i say this because this is a religion piece, and the lady is acting as sort of an angel like figure. It has a kind of flow, like a flow of beauty in God.
To me this is an example of Skepticism and Supernaturalism. I say this because it can be precieved as a example of belief in God or can be seen as disbelief due to the expressions in the picture.
To me this is an example of Absurdism. I say this because the man is an outsider from the rest of the people maybe because he thinks what others believe is meaningless so he does what he wants.
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